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Humans are remarkable, creative and capable of contributing astonishing value to their work – but very often working patterns, organisational culture and stress put a team’s potential to sleep. He wakes it up. Richard offers facilitation, coaching and development interventions that are underpinned by practical insights of the influential international psychologist and educator Carl Rogers

It’s all about communication
  • creating environments where people feel safe to offer more of themselves
  • where people collaborate with new energies and productive capacities
  • ditching old unhealthy patterns and forming new relationships and ways of working
A gifted communicator, facilitator and teacher, Richard invites and enables participation.
Clients re-discover things they already knew to be important - yet they are not currently doing them.
They discover that their colleagues are remarkable people.

Richard specialises in:

  • Developing leaders/individuals/groups in high level communication skills
  • Creating confidence for your teams and leaders to employ these skills successfully

royal2Whether its coaching, developing coaches, resolving a tricky problem with a team member, re-designing or ditching or re-thinking training (Richard developed & wrote Royal Mail’s coaching based induction for postmen and women), taking people with you, effective management training, involvement skills, leadership development, communication skills refreshers, hosting an event, employee or customer relations problems, negotiating conflict or celebrating success and planning new ventures.... Richard’s reflective and engaging style helps individuals and groups to turn corners, and discover fresh focus and energy.

Your coaching process has taken all the stuff that I already knew but hadn’t linked together. It has networked all my skills, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, pedagogy, ideals and ambition

Senior ops manager

Frequently, organisations have difficult corners of their daily lives that most team members know are problematic, but no-one gets round to raising or tackling because they are awkward, they contain tricky people issues. Solving these ’no-go’ areas can be very productive. Richard is skilled at handling groups and individuals in change. He is comfortable translating ideas and knowledge from the front line to the boardroom, and adept at translating the language of strategy and purpose into the everyday workplace.

If you are passionate about developing your teams or individuals, or need to talk about difficult people issues that are absorbing unnecessary time and energy.

Richard will be very pleased to

  • listen attentively to your current situation
  • chat through his initial responses and ideas
  • give a firm direction for you to explore further

He works in industry, business, education and community sectors.

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